Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day 3

Aaahh, the lake. Who wouldn't love a day at the lake? We arrived at Uncle Bob's cabin at about 11, met his friends Tess, Randy, and Clarence, and got suited up. We ran into the lake. Mini-me started to shriek and ran out. Turns out she did not find minnows nibbling her feet to be cute or funny. Flower loved the minnows and spent a good 30 minutes minnow hunting.

After lunch, Flower, Mini-me, and Curly got in the boat with Uncle Bob and Auntie Ree while Patch and I took a nap at the cabin. They came back with such fun stories of tubing that we had to check it out, too. Curly held Patch in his lap on one side of the giant tube while Flower and cousin Sara were on the other side. Even though Uncle Bob drove the boat very slowly, Patch did not like tubing at all. I then got a chance to try with Mini-me on my lap. We had a bumpy ride, and it was so much fun.

Lake Miltona is a beautiful lake about 2 hours north of the twin cities. Curly's family has been going there for years. When you go to Lake Miltona, it is a sin to leave before sunset. They think the Lake Miltona sunsets are the most beautiful sunsets in the world. While I agree that the sunsets are spectacular, I disagree that they are the best in the world. I think you can see a beautiful sunset wherever you are; we just don't take the time to look at one very often. Being in a place like Miltona where cell phone coverage is spotty and rare, where the tv is only turned on because the weather is making it dangerous to be on a boat, makes it a place where you slow down enough to appreciate a stunning end to the day.

Day 4 will be spent in the car. Again. I think Day 3 has been the kids favorite. Flower called the lake "Solla Sollew," which is a song from Seussical about the most beautiful place you can go in your mind. I don't think tomorrow will quite compare to today. We won't even try.

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Anonymous said...

how true about the sunsets - take the time to appreciate them where ever you are
wait until you see some of the sunset pictures Uncle Jim took -you will be amazed
enjoy the rest of your vacation
Love, Uncle Bob