Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Remember that commercial that begins with a collect call? It's a son calling his parents. When asked to say his name after the tone, he says, "wehadababyitsaboy." And then the dad rejects the charges and sits down to say to his wife, "They had a baby. It's a boy."

Well. Blog friends. Wehadababyitsaboy.

That explains my absence in a nutshell. Last spring I found out we were (surprise!) having another baby. For a number of reasons we kept it quiet for a long time. And then when we started to tell people, I lost the will to blog and sew and cook and clean and do anything besides moan and groan. It was not pretty.

But you know what is pretty? My baby boy Finn.

I miss blogging. I have a lot to say, and only a few tiny people around during the day to say it to. And they don't listen. So I'll meet you back here in a bit, okay? Okay.

Yoo-hoo! Hello, family!