Monday, February 25, 2013


In the past 10 days, I think I have left my house 3 times. I mean, I've gone out to the mailbox and to supervise the dog's bathroom breaks and stuff. But as far as getting out of the house to go somewhere, it's been 3 times. 2 of those times were to a doctor. The third was to Target. It is still my happy place. 

You can understand then why a quilting retreat sounds more enticing than ever. Anyone else have cabin fever? Riley Blake is hosting their first ever retreat in Vegas this fall. 

Fabric Fest 2013

If I'm being honest, which I always am, it sounds like heaven on earth. In the FAQs, it gives all the details about pricing, lodging, and supplies needed. Unfortunately, it says that no one under 18 can go. If I take Baby strapped to me, do you think anyone would notice? 

Some of my favorites will be at the retreat. First of all, Eleanor Burns will be there. One of the first quilts I made was her Log Cabin in a Day pattern. I gave it to my sister for her wedding. It's an awesome quilt. I have no pictures of it! I digress....Amy Smart will be there to teach a few classes. If you haven't met Amy yet, it's worth the price of admission just for that. She is seriously the nicest person in the world. Not only do we have an unhealthy love of fabric in common, but she also gets my love of Frederick, MD. And, Amanda Herring will be there. To know Amanda is to love her. I mean that. She is so inspiring and fun and beautiful to boot. 

Have I convinced you? Go register!

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Week From...

This has been a rough week. It started out pretty darn great. Flower was here over the weekend and we had us some good times planned. On Saturday we went to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum. Patch had been when we first moved here on a field trip. The place was awesome. We went ahead and sprung for a family pass. I can see many trips in our future.

One of the things for which Pittsburgh is so famous is Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. At the museum, they had several memorabilia items. For example, a replica of the tree and all the original puppets.

 Also, a sweater. This particular one was knitted by Mrs. McFeely. I had a moment where I thought, "Whoa! That was her REAL name?" Yes.
I love what the plaque says: "Fred often talked about and sang about how 'making something for someone is one way to say "I love you."' And how receiving something graciously is a way to say 'I love you' too."

Isn't that great? Isn't that why those who make stuff do it? I think that deserves a post unto itself.

While at the museum, Patch began to fade. I thought at first that he just had low blood sugar, but by 8:30 pm he had a fever. And then a cough. And then the next day, Flower started to cough and not feel well. And then Monday afternoon, dear Mini-me took a turn for the worse. Flower went home, and Patch and Mini-me went to the doctor, earning a diagnosis of bronchitis and ear infections. And then began the week home from school. Mini-me felt well enough to go today, which is when sassy-pants Ginger decided to come down with a fever.

And then I fell down the stairs and bruised my tailbone.

Can this week be done yet? Yes? Good.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The View from Tuesday

Here are some thoughts I am having today.

  • Yesterday was 62. I opened all the windows and aired out the house. Today we are having snow flurries.
  • I have two pairs of pants that fit. One is pink sweatpants. The other is jeans. Guess which ones I wear most often?
  • Yesterday evening, while trying to close one of said open windows, I got a little stuck between the bed and the wall. Mini-me, ever observant, said, "Don't worry, Mom. You'll get your body back."
  • I live very close to a good mall. I have been several times. Located in the mall is Crate and Barrel. I have deliberately stayed out of that store because it is my budget kryptonite.
  • I need about 2 naps a day to function. It's getting a little ridiculous.
  • My due date is in about a month, and I have yet to begin Baby's quilt. Related: I have a name picked out, but it's not for public consumption. 
How are you doing this fine Tuesday?