Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Friday

It's Friday morning. My kids are screaming at each other. Ginger wants to "snuggle" with Patch, and he is utterly repulsed by the idea. So what do I do? I hop on my computer to blog. Anything to keep my sanity. We have had lots of late nights and early mornings. I blame the sun. We've logged lots of hours at the pool. We've gone to movies. We've grilled and eaten outside. We've caught and released hundreds of lightning bugs.

School has only been out 3 weeks and I am exhausted.

I have managed a little sewing time. And by "little" I mean "hardly any." I was really hoping to have something completed for my Halloween in June celebration, but that's just not going to happen. June ends tomorrow. So far I have one block of nine finished.

Luckily it's a very pretty block. I'm doing Swoon in fun Halloween fabrics. The fabric is Costume Clubhouse by Sherri McCulley Siebold (who I met at Market and just love to pieces!). To switch things up a bit, I am taking the large scale fabrics and using them as the centers. I just love the characters. For those who are thinking of doing attempting a Swoon quilt, be advised -- the cutting took several evenings. This block then took over 2 hours to sew. It makes sense that I've only finished one so far!

Now that the kids have stopped screaming at each other, I think I can attempt a shower before the day gets too much away from me. Stop back on Sunday for day 1 of An Apple a Day blog tour!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Big Heads

My kids are arguing about their heads being in the way of the TV. No one wants to admit their head is big, but let's face it. They all have big heads. They decided they wanted to watch Harry Potter during dinner. I have no objections. First of all, I love Harry Potter. Second of all, that's just the kind of thing fun moms do during Summer break -- dinner in front of a movie. We're pretty worn out today. We spent a few hours at the pool, which was delightful. Tomorrow the forecast is for rain, so we'll hit up the library. See? I can be fun.

I am going to start my Halloween quilt tonight. I am very excited. Harry Potter definitely has me in the mood. I don't know what pattern I'll be doing yet, but stick close. I'll decide soon!

Friday, June 08, 2012

And the Livin' is Easy?

Summer begins today at 12:45. We are all a little apprehensive about being done with school. The kids will miss their friends. I will miss the quiet. I won't miss trying to rouse them out of bed in the morning and get them out the door before 8. We have our summer routine all planned, so hopefully we won't get too out of whack. Summer at our house is not lazy, because lazy = bored. I have to keep these kids occupied, or we will have whiners. Whiners get sold to the gypsies, and thanks to TLC, I now know where the gypsies live.

First item on the agenda is to pick fabrics for their reading journals. We love doing the summer reading program at the library, and each kid needs a place to keep all the papers organized. I still need to come up with math activities for the summer. Maybe I'll have them count the socks in the laundry. 

One thing is for sure, I am determined to have sewing time when my kids are home. Also I am determined to be tan. You can hide 10 pounds with a good tan, you know.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

It's Busting

June just busted out all over, didn't it? I had high hopes for this week of picking up the kids from school and heading to the pool. Alas, it is cold. Today I have on a sweatshirt. And while I am grateful for the opportunity to turn off the AC for another week, I really would like to sun myself by the water. Like my mother before me, I really don't like to get in until August.

I have a customer quilt I'm finishing up, and then I can start on my Halloween goodness. I am so excited. Are you excited? I hope you've picked a project (or two) to work on. And maybe a movie to watch while you work. I mean, could there be a better reason for a woman in her mid-30s to watch all 8 Harry Potter movies this month? I think not.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you're working on! I love comments, don't you? They make me feel like I'm at the popular table at lunch. You know, the one where all the girls are carrying ironic children's lunchboxes.

Friday, June 01, 2012


I have been talking up the toilet lately. Isn't a toilet just awesome? We sit, we do our business, and it flushes away. How great! Guess who's not buying it? Today as we were walking into the grocery store, I was waxing poetic about the marvel that is the toilet, when Ginger gave me a social laugh and said, "Oh, mommy. I fine! I love my diaper."

Little stinker.