Monday, January 28, 2013

Friday Night Sew-in

On Friday I signed up for the sew in over on Heidi's blog. I had a quilt I needed to finish binding, so I hunkered down on my bed and watched tv and sewed. It was the best night.

I started this quilt over 2 years ago with my friend Colleen. It was for our mutual BFF Lauren. She was expecting baby #3, so instead of making her baby a quilt, we made her a quilt. We used a layer cake from Fig Tree Quilts (I can't remember the fabric line), and found some blocks we liked in a book. It looks gorgeous in person. I sure hope it doesn't get "lost" in the mail. For her next baby she's just getting some burp cloths. 

 On Saturday my production mojo continued. As my laundry machine did all the heavy work for me, I pieced this block from Camille's new Fireworks pattern. I love it. I'm using Seaside by Riley Blake. It's going to look so fresh and summery when it's done. Hopefully it will be done in time for summer. And by "summer," I am specifically referring to Summer 2013. Not some random summer in the future.
And finally, Mini-me has asked for a folding chair in her room. She also wants a cushion for said chair. So, she picked some fabrics from my stash and then chose a block she liked. I used one of the blocks from Jeni's Half-Square Triangle block of the month. I love it so hard I'm going to have to do the entire quilt. You know, in all my spare time.

So it was a good weekend, sewing wise. I have a huge list of things to finish in the next 2 months before baby arrives. If I only get one of them done, I will feel extremely productive.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I woke up today thinking, "It's only Tuesday? I have the whole week left to get things done!" On a related note, I love my iron supplement. The best part of this week is what's happening on Friday. My real-life besties are coming for a visit. I need to think of a new name for them, since I don't live close to them, either. All of my besties now live in my phone and/or computer. I'm learning to cope.

One thing all my besties have in common is sewing. Another thing is how much they love me. A third thing is that sometimes they are jealous of me. But mainly, it's sewing. We may do some of that this weekend. Or, we may just watch Pitch Perfect and laugh hysterically and drink Diet Coke. Whatever we do, it will be nice to be together.

I got to work on my Halloween Swoon this week. I finished block #5. I think it's my favorite so far.

 I love how the black stands out and the darling purple in the middle.

Did I ever show you block 4?
 It is not my favorite. I had a cutting issue. Or a losing fabric issue. It caused me to need to piece one of the components. This block will probably be hidden in the bottom corner of the quilt.

And now, all 5 together.
I am in love. And I also apologize for the weird angle. It's just, well, awkward. But back to being in love. I am so glad I decided to make this quilt. It is going to be a favorite for certain. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I really hope I get this finished by this year!

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Friday, January 11, 2013


Over Christmas break, we had quite a bit of snow in the 'Burgh. We made a few trips over to the local golf course to get our sled on. Some really enjoyed it. Others went once and called it done. Can you guess who was in each group?
 Yep, Mini-me and Patch loved it. They went no less than 3 times. Flower and Ginger prefer to admire the snow from inside.
 We got sleds for Christmas last year. This was the first time we got to use them. Also the first time for using the snow pants and boots Grandma and Grandpa gave them last year.
Mini-me got new gloves for her birthday. She soon switched to her waterproof ones. That snow was cold.
So, come on, winter! Give us some more snow. We can take it.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

QAL Flickr Group

The Bestie QAL flickr group is now open for business. Go here to join, and start adding photos, if you don't mind. As soon as I find my camera cord, I will be adding mine. And if you want to play along but don't have a bestie, you can be mine. I'm easy.

I've started taking an iron pill and I feel fantastic. I feel like I could run, which would look really funny at this stage of pregnancy. But really, I feel so good. I wish I had known about my anemia sooner. The fatigue that I've felt has been awful, and it could have been largely prevented. Oh well. We're on the downward slope -- 9 days weeks until my due date. I need to get cracking on baby's quilt. I have the cutest fabric and a fabulous pattern all picked out. If I get it done, she will be the first baby who has had a quilt before she was born. The other kids had to wait awhile. Ginger still doesn't have one I made. Oops.

Did I ever show you the advent calendars I made this year? I made them for my etsy shop and sold them all. (Note to self -- make cute Christmas stuff for me, too.)

They were really cute, and really fun to make. I'm working on a version of them to keep year round. I'll show pictures soon. You know, as soon as I find my cord.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Bestie Quilt-a-Long

You know how sometimes you meet someone, and you immediately click? That's how it was for me and Candice. And as for Jackie, well, it took her calling me an ignorant *^%& at Market for us to really hit it off. My life would not be the same without these ladies. So when Candice suggested we make matching bestie quilts, I was all in. While I would much rather make a late night Chipotle run with them, I will settle for snuggling with a quilt that reminds me of them.

Do you have a bestie? Care to join us? The rules of the Quilt-a-Long are simple: grab a bestie (or casual acquaintance if you're prickly), pick a pattern and some fabric, and get quilting. Jackie, Candice and I are going to Swoon with Flea Market Fancy.  While there is no timeline on this QAL, my personal goal is to have it done before the baby comes in March. This QAL is all about having fun with the people you love to spend time with. 

Oh, and PS, this is great for using up your stash. Come on, you know you made that resolution, too. 

So leave a comment letting me know you're joining us! Grab the button and put it on your blog. Instagram your progress with #bestieqal. We'll be setting up a Flickr group before the end of the week. And anyone need a bestie? I'd be happy to play matchmaker. Seriously. 

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Coming Soon

Details to follow shortly!