Wednesday, May 13, 2015

This Kid

One of my favorite things to say about Finn is that he's the baby I didn't know I needed. He was, as you may have surmised, a surprise. The pregnancy was not an easy one. I am not someone who enjoys being pregnant. I don't find it wonderful and magical. I find it uncomfortable. I find that I am particularly clumsy. I twist ankles and fall down stairs. My tailbone has never quite recovered from a fall late in Mavis' pregnancy. I also cry a lot. And get overwhelmed easily.

So Finn. I was in a fog the entire pregnancy. Nothing felt right. I didn't want to sew. I didn't want to cook. I didn't want to eat (but I managed). I didn't want to go anywhere. Nothing was funny. Everything was hard. I remember sitting in the lobby at church one Sunday. Mavis was misbehaving, as she is wont to do. I was sitting on the couch with her while the meeting was going on, and I was sobbing. I could not take another minute of life. A sweet friend came and put her arm around me. It was a good thing she did, too, because a not so sweet man thought it was a good time to tell me to "enjoy these moments because they go by so fast." Um. Right. I was in the 9th circle of hell. But I'll be sure to have a good time.

As soon as Finn was born, all was right with the world. He was huge: 10 lb 4 oz. He was sweet from the beginning. The past 6 months have passed by in a blur. We've gone from him nursing every 2 hours to him eating rice cereal and applesauce. He sits up on his own. He smiles and giggles and flirts with anyone who stops to look at him. And me? I sew. I cook. I clean. I do the laundry (but I don't like to fold it).

We all love Finnegan.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Remember that commercial that begins with a collect call? It's a son calling his parents. When asked to say his name after the tone, he says, "wehadababyitsaboy." And then the dad rejects the charges and sits down to say to his wife, "They had a baby. It's a boy."

Well. Blog friends. Wehadababyitsaboy.

That explains my absence in a nutshell. Last spring I found out we were (surprise!) having another baby. For a number of reasons we kept it quiet for a long time. And then when we started to tell people, I lost the will to blog and sew and cook and clean and do anything besides moan and groan. It was not pretty.

But you know what is pretty? My baby boy Finn.

I miss blogging. I have a lot to say, and only a few tiny people around during the day to say it to. And they don't listen. So I'll meet you back here in a bit, okay? Okay.

Yoo-hoo! Hello, family!