Sunday, July 22, 2007


I finished the book last night at about 1 am. I admit, there were parts where I cried. I thought it was wonderful. I would love to discuss it, but I won't put anything here, because ruining the book is just what Voldemort would want. Feel free to email me and we can chat about it!


Kage said...

AH! I am only to page 200...and proud to say that I have not read yet today (only proud b/c I made my RS lesson a priority)...but maybe tonight I can read a little more....hopefully.

CocoShirley said...

hahah "thats what voldemort would want"
im trying to draw out the experiance
on page 300.
heck who am i kidding ill just keep reading till i finish

Anne Marie said...

I had to convince myself that I am old enough and mature enough that I did not need to take my book to Church with me. I didn't but as a result haven't finished yet. I am half way through and plan on finishing tonight. I like to talk about it so I email you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Sunday we were at church in Pensacola, Florida (visiting your bro-in-law Shane). The speaker stood up and said, "I have been asked to speak about missionary work, but first I want to tell you the ending of a popular book that just came out this week.... Just kidding." Very funny.
Grandma and Grandpa

Anonymous said...

okay, I went to Borders and looked for you two but didn't see you. Where you wearing the cloak? humm could be. Anyway, it got warm so we left because I had ordered mine for home Wal-mart. Let me just say I HATE Wal-mart; but dang it I find things our family uses all the time for cheap. I thought the book would be at my doorstep as soon as I awoke. Nope not til 11 and our Ward had an activity at noon. I was so mad!! I ended up getting ill-probably because I was so upset not being able to read. I kept hearing lovely comments about the book which didn't help. So finally I got home and began to read it. Just like "kage" I had to prepare lessons for yet again spoiled for time. I finally got home but had to shut the book because the fireside was at our home. After I kicked everyone out--I sat up til midnight reading. Jana, I cried too!! You should email me or this is a me!!
love ya

Anonymous said...

That was were you not where you wearing the cloak!!! sorry

Anonymous said...

I just finished HP. Sigh. Meet me underneath the invisibiltiy cloak and we'll chat about it.