Sunday, June 01, 2008


Today was the day of the big recital. Mini-me was thrilled to pieces. She got to wear blue eyeshadow, which reminded me of creepy pageant children, and bright red lipstick. She remembered all her moves, and her sleeves stayed up. When the class filed out onto the stage, Curly and I both had an "Uh-Oh" moment when we saw Mini-me find her spot (the spot she has been in since learning the dance), and the helper then MOVING her. If you know Mini-me, you will know that she likes things a certain way. Change is not her friend. She, like me, enjoys a schedule and a plan. After all, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. When I saw her placed in a different spot, my heart dropped and I thought we were in for the largest public meltdown since last Wednesday, when she melted down at a rehearsal because she wasn't in her leotard. Her hands began flailing, which is what she does when she says "NONONONO." Then, the lights turned on, and her arm immediately went to cover her eyes. But, being her Father's daughter and therefore a born performer, she began to tap her toes and plie with the best of them. She was great and earned her toy. I was very proud of her. She says she wants to do it again next year, so all of you who missed the performance of a lifetime, mark your calendars for next June. You won't want to miss it again.


Anonymous said...

Please post the photos! And I can't wait to see a video, although your detailed description said it all! Congrats to the little ballerina. The strawberry picking photos are darling... they back fond memories.
Love from Grandma Judy

Rebeccah said...

Awe! How cute! She takes after mom and dad - are you ready for this one? :)

DanceNplay said...

You need to put her at Elite Feet. It's the best studio in Frederick. Their children's program is awesome and the kids are dancing on sprung floors, like they're supposed to! lol. Trust me. This is coming from a dance teacher!