Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another Holiday

We are less than a week away from Independence Day. It would be a great day, if it weren't in July. Really? A national holiday where we are outside in the heat and humidity of July? It's not like the founding fathers didn't know about hot and humid. They lived here, on the East Coast! I could see it if they were in California signing the Declaration of Independence, but they weren't. They were here! I watched the weather last night, and they promised a nice day in the 80s. We'll see. Last year, we sat in the pouring rain, waiting for the fireworks. I hope that is not the case this year.

In the meantime, I have a really cute table runner to make. I got it with my Christmas money from The Fat Quarter Shop (thanks again, Rebeccah!). It shouldn't take too long to put together, and I'll post a picture when I do. My little studio stays nice and cool, so this next week I'll log quite a bit of time down here.

This week, most of the O'Kigin clan will be here. If the fly girl can make it, all of Curly's siblings will be here. The only one missing will be Flower, who is still on vacation with her mom. Grandma and Grandpa are hoping to leave on a mission by the end of summer, so this will be the last vacation with everyone for a few years. But, lest anyone feel a little sad by that, we said that at Thanksgiving. Thanks to open heart surgery, they're still here, and we're getting together again.


Nanette Merrill said...

July has come at me so fast. I can't believe its here! Wow. I'd better get thinking about our plans for the 4th.

Melonius said...

I hear ya! We trudged out to the beach last night for some fireworks, sat around for an hour surrounded by high school psychos and then when the fireworks started, all we could see was colored fog!!!! We jumped up and left. At least we have a few more shows scheduled for later this week, but I was a little miffed...