Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I hope all the dads out there have a great Father's Day. Ours has started out well. We had waffles and "brown bacon" for breakfast. "Brown bacon" is Mini-me speak for "sausage." I'm not sure why. Then, Curly opened presents. The kids each got him a funny card that plays music. They are still enjoying them an hour later. Those cards might get lost later, somehow. Curly also got a book, some gum, a little peanut butter/chocolate action, some racket and tennis balls, and a new tennis racket. He and I both want to play some tennis this summer, so now we can. We haven't quite figured out the kid watching situation, but we will. Soon.

After breakfast, Curly expressed an interest in watching some golf. I turned on the TV, which was tuned to some Nascar, and Patch got very excited. He began to jump and say "look!" The funny thing was, it wasn't even a race. It was pre-race commentary. He didn't care. He sat there, smiling, and listening intently as they described the challenges surrounding cooling the driver without adding weight to the car, poisoning the driver with carbon monoxide, or creating steam. Fascinating stuff.

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DanceNplay said...

WOW!! He was spoiled! That pic of him is hilarious! Boricua got a card...and i made him his favorite breakfast and dinner! Am I depriving him???