Friday, June 13, 2008

Distant Thunder

We had big plans to go to the pool this afternoon after dropping Curly off at his show. We got all decked out in our swim attire, got a great parking spot, and walked in right at the end of adult swim. Less than 30 seconds later, they blew the whistle again that there was thunder. We had to clear the pool deck for an hour. Given that we arrived at nearly 5 pm, we could not stay. I am convinced there was no thunder, but that it was a large truck. To make it up to my disappointed kids, I took them to the Freeze King for a dinner of ice cream. We had lunch at nearly 3:00, so it wasn't that bad. Tomorrow we will head to the pool early, to avoid any late day phantom thunder.

After the little kids went to bed, I let Flower hang in the basement with me. She watched High School Musical 2 while I finished a quilt top. It is way cute, and way big, so when I have someone to assist me, I will take a photo.

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