Friday, October 20, 2006

Suddenly Seymour

Last night our singing group, the Towne Singers, had a gig to sing for the Frederick Bar Association. This is "bar" as in attorney, not alcohol. Our group normally has 10 people, last night only 2 could go: Jonny and me. We sang a couple of duets, Suddenly Seymour and Friendship, Jonny sang Oh What a Beautiful Morning, and I sang Gimme Gimme and Good Morning Baltimore. It was fun for just the 2 of us to sing. And of course, a major thanks to Rebeccah for watching the kids. She always leaves a space cleaner than when she came. Thanks to her, we can now see the playroom floor.

It's getting time for our group to start rehearsing Christmas songs. We are starting to get a full holiday schedule. Our newest song is "Snow," from White Christmas. How fun is that?

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jean said...

You guys didn't happen to sing "Midnight at the Oasis" like Ron and Sheila did in Guffman...?