Monday, October 23, 2006

Pretty Princess

Mini-me does this cute thing when she wants you to say you think she's beautiful. She walks over to you with her head down and to the side a bit. She looks at you without moving her head, out of the top of her eyes. Then, her hands go to the sides of her chin. Finally, she sighs. That's your cue to say "Oh! How beautiful!" Then she spins.

Tonight are auditions for Forever Plaid at the dinner theater. Curly is a little unsure if he'll get cast in this one. The director is trying to decide if he'll have an older cast or a younger cast. Last night he said to Curly, "Shawn can play your age, or he can go a lot younger." Shawn is about 3 years older than Curly...

1 comment:

GrandPatty said...

Having seen Curly on stage, I think they are toying with him. Younger or older: he can totally pull it off.