Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Birthday Month

October is the birthday month for two of my friends. First, Mommy Caleb herself, aka the Highlight Addict. So sorry I missed it -- I totally have something for you. And second, Rebeccah, aka Mr. Perednis (that's how Mini-me tries to say "Sister Perednis"). Rebeccah turns 40 tomorrow. I just wanted to take the chance in the public forum to wish you luck as you enter the middle ages.

I've been trying to arrange a project night at my house where people can bring unfinished projects and work on them while chatting and eating snacks. I originally scheduled it for November 17, which is opening night for Curly, but unfortunately it's also our stake temple night. Then, I thought about doing it the following Friday, but that's the day after Thanksgiving. I think instead of doing it on a Friday, I'll do it on the 18th. Anyone in the area is welcome to come. No project is too small or too silly. You can even bring your laundry basket and fold clothes if you'd like! If you don't have a project and would like one, I have some I need some help on. And, if you don't have a project and just want to eat pumpkin bread and drink diet coke, come anyway.


the highlight addict said...

Caleb had a birthday yesterday--just to add to the birthday madness! He's 4 years old now! We didn't do a big party for him this year, we keep it simple every other year and then the next year we have the friend party. He didn't even ask about one, which I was glad about. He had a great time yesterday just playing with his new stuff (which he's doing again today actually).

Sporadic Stitcher said...

Sit and stitch sounds like such fun in November. I think I can't come on the 18th but I hope you do it again next year!