Thursday, October 19, 2006

Must be the Weather

Mini-me did something so out of character today, I don't know what to think. When I dropped her off for preschool, she started to cry, the clung to my leg. The aid, Miss Carol, had to come pry her off. As I left and walked down the path, the door opened and I could hear her crying still. I have no idea what brought this on. I don't even remember the last time was upset about being left somewhere. I don't think it's happened in the past year.

Another odd thing happened this morning. Patch and I went over to the Y after dropping Mini-me off so that we could walk around the indoor track. He has about 2 weeks left until he can go to the playroom, so that's the only activity I can do until then. There was an older woman on the track who admired him when we arrived. Then, everytime we would pass her, she would try to talk to us. I had my headphones on. She was walking backwards. I took off my headphones once to hear what she was saying, and she was telling me she thought I had gone about a half mile. Thanks for keeping track.

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GrandPatty said...

Somedays it's hard to let go, especially when Mini-me loves it the Mommy and baby Patch.