Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mini-me's Loves

Mini-me has a funny way of saying she loves something: "I love it the Diet Coke" or "I love it the GrandPatty's house." Today we were driving in the car trying to find a cheerleading costume for the Flower, when Mini-me says "I love it the Mommy Caleb." Mommy Caleb is my good friend Brooke, the Highlight Addict. Mini-me has such a crush on Caleb and just loves to be around his mom. When we go to the park together, Mini-me says "Watch me, Mommy Caleb!" She doesn't care if I watch...When it's time to go home, she cries because she wants to go with Mommy Caleb. So thanks, Mommy Caleb, for always being sweet to Mini-me. The more people who love my children, the better for them.

On this same car ride, I was trying to teach Mini-me the days of the week. When I got done with reciting them in order, she said, "Good job, Mommy!"

One of our errands today was to go to the Primitive Sampler and pick up some candy corn buttons. While there, I picked up the Just Cross Stitch ornament magazine. I'm doing an ornament exchange at the shop, and I got some great ideas from the magazine. I'm thinking I may stitch our family ornament for the Lee family exchange as well.


GrandPatty said...

I love it the Mini-Me Kigin.

the highlight addict said...

I love it the Mini-me as well! But, thanks A LOT for giving away my identity! :)