Friday, October 06, 2006


Tonight is my night to host my monthly book group. We have a pattern that we follow every month:
  1. Gather at 7:30 and eat
  2. Discuss book from 8-9
  3. Discuss what ever we want from 9-when cellphones start ringing asking "when are you coming home?"

Since the first thing we do is eat, when I host I ask myself "WWTBCD?" Or, What Would the Barefoot Contessa Do?

I believe Ina would focus on having a good time with her friends. After all, who wants to be stuck in the kitchen cooking when friends are having a good time in the living room? If Ina wants a spread of food, she makes maybe 3 items herself, and then buys the rest from a gourmet market. If Ina wants a smaller fare, she makes a couple of things, but makes them very well.

Since Frederick is somewhat lacking in the gourmet area (we do now have a cheese shop, an Italian shop, and the most incredible bakery), I thought I would take the latter approach. I am going to make a hot chocolate bar with caramel corn. But, as Ina says, "to make it really special," I'm going to serve the caramel corn in chinese takeout boxes that I got from the craft store. That way, if there is any leftover, my friends can take it with them instead of leaving it here to tempt me.

As for the book, well, I haven't finished it yet. I'm a fast reader, and the book is short, so finishing by 7:30 tonight isn't that much of a stretch.


Sporadic Stitcher said...

What a great idea. My book group could take a page from yours.

jean said...

Side note on the Contessa: Did you know that Crate & Barrel is now selling box mixes of her cakes, brownies and cupcakes? That seems to take the fun out of Ina's original vision for her baking, don't you think?