Thursday, October 12, 2006

Special Visitor

Today GrandPatty came to visit. She arrived shortly before it was time to pick Mini-me up from school and brought some fun presents. First, a new house for our village. Second, some supplies from Shepherds Bush for stockings, and a cute Halloween pattern. We lunched at Brewer's Alley and then walked home. Patch and Mini-me had a great time with their GrandPatty. After she left, we picked up Curly from work and drove out to get the Flower from school. This is our full weekend with her and we have a lot of fun things planned.

Last night after the kids went to bed and while Curly was rehearsing, I tried my hand at finishing a cross stitch piece. "Finishing" is when you take a piece of stitchery and turn it into something, like a pillow, a stocking, a framed picture, or anything else you can imagine. I had never sewn a pillow before, but it turned out very cute. I am quite pleased with it. Curly's going to help me get the camera set up on this computer, so look for a picture this weekend.

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GrandPatty said...

You motivated me (should I call you Helga?) and last night I got out the project I started after we went to cross stitch camp but hadn't finished. I was surprised to see that I had stitched more than half of it, so I got to work on it and completed almost two more rows.
I had a great day with all of you, yesterday. Mini-me is aptly named.