Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Everyone needs a nemesis. Seinfeld had Newman. The Three Amigos had El Guapo. I have Helga.

Helga is German. Helga doesn't "do cute." Helga wasn't sure Frederick was "ready" for her cross stich. Helga won best in show at the Frederick County Fair 2 years ago when I first entered.

Not only did I lose to Helga, but I came in 3rd in my category. It was a pathetic showing. I made it my mission to beat Helga at her own game. The next year, I was going to win Best in Show.

I had 3 strategies in mind.
1. Play to my strengths. I didn't want to learn new, fancy stitches that I might not do as well. I do very well with intricate bead work. The pattern I chose didn't have beads, so I added them.
2. Choose a pattern that I love. If I didn't love working on it, it would show through my work. Plus, if I loved it, chances are the judges would, too.
3. Have clean work. If the back isn't tidy, the front will also be a mess. I picked out all the knots and was careful not to split any stitches.

In the end, I was triumphant. I beat my nemesis. She never saw it coming. Victory has never been so sweet.


A Sporadic Stitcher said...

Ah, Helga, the great motivator. Perhaps Mini-me would get on the stick if there were a Helga at preschool who was best in show at going potty? It's worth checking it out.

Anonymous said...

Something about the name Helga doesn't lend itself to being a gifted cross-stitcher... Shot put sounds like it would be more up a gal that name's alley.