Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oh No! A Plateau!

Today was one of those frustrating Jenny visits. After 2 weeks, I have not budged. I weigh the same I did at my appointment 2 weeks ago. I'm in my smaller jeans and feel like I look smaller, but the scale does not reflect that. This is what's called a "plateau." I have experienced one before, and to break out of it requires dedication. It takes an extra workout or two, or at least workouts of greater intensity. It takes strict following of the eating plan. It can also take changing the time of workout. Even with all that, sometimes you stay on the same level for a few weeks without any reason. It can be very frustrating. However, I am trying to stay positive becuase I know I am smaller. And, with hard work, next week the scale will say the same thing.

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GrandPatty said...

I'm hearing you and Dee Ann in stereo this morning. Plateaus really stink -- especially on rainy days -- but you'll begin to descend again, I am confident.