Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Me and Jenny

Jenny and I have been together for awhile now. I first became involved with her in high school, when, as a 200 pound Junior, I decided to get thin. 6 months later, I was. Then, after Mini-me was born, I was once again everyone's fat friend. I don't like being the fat friend. Jenny and I hooked up once more and I lost over 60 pounds. Now, after Patch, we are together again. So far, Jenny is working her magic a third time.

Tuesdays are my Jenny days. I go at 10, meet with Virginia, weigh in, get my food for the next week, and come home. Some days I come home happy, some days I come home frustrated. To date, I have dropped 12.8 pounds. I have a long ways to go. A 9 pound baby and 9 months of onion rings will do that to a girl. But, my face is no longer round, my shirts are not so tight, and my diamond ring fits again.

Thanks, Jenny.


Michael and Rebeccah said...

But I thought I was your best friend! :)

gp said...

You are lookin' good.

Highlight Addict said...

Keep up the good work! I'm positive Olive Garden tonight is on the Jenny plan! :)

Cross Stitcher in Training said...

I hope Jenny makes room for some allowances like Barefoot guacamole, Barefoot cheesecake and Burger King chicken fries!