Monday, October 09, 2006

All that and the kitchen sink

As I was cleaning the kitchen Saturday night, I flipped on the garbage disposal. Instead of the water going down the drain, it started to geyser up at me. I called Curly over the work his magic with the plunger while I went to the store to get some Draino. Curly tried to unclog the pipe, but it didn't work. We let it sit overnight with Draino, but it wasn't any better in the morning. We made the decision not to call a plumber on a Sunday, but also not to cancel Sunday dinner with Ryan, Melissa, and Colleen. I made the roast, the potatoes, the rolls from scratch, the peas, the gravy, and even some Barefoot Contessa cake for dessert, without a kitchen sink. The original kitchen sink is now in the basement in the laundry area, so I went down there to do the dishes. Dinner was delicious (even if the rolls were too dark), and after dinner, our guests did the dishes in the laundry room. They did a great job, and I'm glad the girls shot down Ryan's idea of drying the dishes in the dryer. Thanks, guys. After dinner and before dessert, Ryan and Curly decided to fix the pipe themselves. Ever the pessimist and sure of failure, I threatened them if they broke my pipes they would have heck to pay. They had a huge bucket to catch the water, and with assurances they thought they knew where the clog was, they took the pipes apart. Luckily, they were successful and no one had to leave in shame. My sink has never drained faster. Again, thanks, guys.

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sporadic stitcher said...

Oh ye of little faith...Curly can do anything. I'm a huge fan of his.