Thursday, October 26, 2006

I Heart Cooking

One of the hardest things about Jenny Craig is that I like to cook. I like to eat what I cook. My poor family gets meals that require no thought at all, and that's no fun for anyone. So for the past two nights, I decided to cook. On Tuesday, my Jenny entre was Salisbury Steak. Yum. I found a recipe on the Food Network website, and Curly and Mini-me were able to eat the same meal as me. Mini-me didn't like it. She said it was "Yucky." Last night, I made fried rice and asian style chicken. I didn't need a recipe for this one. I threw a couple of eggs and some frozen and canned veggies in with the rice and used Yoshidas on the chicken as a maranade. This time, Mini-me said it was "Yummy." Tonight, Curly and I are going to dinner with Mike and Rebeccah for her 40th birthday, which is today, so the kids get not only a babysitter, but mac-n-cheese in the microwave as well.

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