Monday, October 13, 2008

Thank Heavens!

Mini-me has changed her mind on her Halloween costume. Happy day for me! She wanted to be Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I couldn't find one and really didn't want to make one. So, yesterday I told her that if she were Tinkerbelle, she could wear wings. That was so much more appealing to her than a yarn wig. Now I just have to find a really inexpensive Tinkerbelle costume.


Anonymous said...

We have a set of wings. They are butterfly wings, but they'd be great for Tink as well! Check out the costume collection in our attic. Enjoy! And a happy Halloween to all.
Grandma Judy and Grandpa Mike

Rach said...

Good luck with that. We tried that last year. This year she is princess jasmin. damon is a bit upset that part of her tummy is showing.