Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I accomplished all my tasks yesterday, and even exceeded my goal on the burp cloths -- I got 8 sets done. Today is a really busy day. I am watching my friends little boy (who is very afraid of our dog) for about a half hour this morning, then I have Weight Watchers, then I go Visiting Teaching, then we go pick up Flower, then we eat dinner, then we have Singers rehearsal, and then I can do some work. My goal for tonight is to get 6 more sets of burp cloths done, and then pin some ribbons for taggies.

Check back later today for Weight Loss Wednesday!


Lisa and Doug said...

I'm tired from reading what you have to do today. Lace up your roller skates and away you go!

Anonymous said...

Can't blame your friend's son. Gracie scares me too!

Anonymous said...

Keep swimming!