Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Two Projects

This Christmas, I worked on two projects that took up most of my time the week before Christmas. I also did some smaller projects that were quick and easy. Here is what Gracie would do while I sewed the binding on the quilt:

It made is slightly difficult to work. The green/blue quilt was for my SIL, Melissa, and the green/brown/purple one was for my SIL, Becky. They opened them today, and I think they liked them. The fun thing for me was that I was able to put my new Molly Patch labels on the back. I took a picture of the labels on a set of burp cloths, but it came out blurry. I did not get a new camera for Christmas. Oh well. Maybe next year I will be a nice girl and get some electronics.


Anonymous said...

The quilts are beautiful, and we all appreciate the work. As Mike's Grandma Kigi used to say, "Every stich of love." I hope I'll get to bundle up in one of them when I'm at your SILs' houses some time.

Love from your MIL, Judy
PS: After trying unsuccessfully many times over the past few months to comment on your posts, I finally (in desperation) signed in as anonymous, a horrible thought... but it worked. Seems to me I used to be able to put my name down and it would get sent just fine. Oh, well; I'll guess I'll go down in history as "a non-mouse."

Life in Maryland said...

They turned out BEAUTIFUL! I wish I had the talent and patience!