Sunday, December 02, 2007

Snow please?

The weather forecast for today included snow and freezing rain. That did not happen. I am ready for a little snow. Not so much that we are stuck inside for too long, but just enough to delay the start of our day. The next chance for snow is Wednesday. We are planning to get our Christmas tree Wednesday after picking up Flower from school. Cutting down a tree while it gently snows on our little family would just be too picturesque.

I am off to watch White Christmas for the first time this holiday season. It's the perfect movie to stitch to, since I already know it by heart. I don't have to have my eyes on it to know that the best things happen while you're dancing, or that it's cozier to sit girl boy girl boy.


VH said...

Hmmm...I have some snow outside that you could have : )

Anonymous said...

We've already had some snow this year...but the rain melts it away.

I'd like a little to stick now too, but all we have on the weather report is a week of rain...

This is a miserable, depressing place to live!