Saturday, December 08, 2007

Sad News

The Primitive Sampler will be closing its doors on December 22. I am so sad. I will miss having a cross stitch shop within walking distance. I will miss having a shop within reasonable driving distance. Wendy, the owner, said a woman will hopefully be opening a new shop in downtown Frederick that will include antiques and stitching. Did I mention I am sad? When Curly and I got married 5 years ago, I was a little hesitant about moving here. It was far removed from where I grew up, where my friends were, were my family was, and even where I worked. When I found out Frederick had both a Talbots and a needlework shop, I knew I could make it work. Now, I rarely shop at Talbots and there will be no needlework shop. Should we move?

In a perfect world, I would open up my own place. I have so many ideas for a needlework shop. It would not include antiques. It would include classes and retreats and lots of store models. It would include fabric for finishing and lots of kits. It would be like the Shepherds Bush of the East. Maybe someday.


Anonymous said...

That really is sad news! I'm sorry!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no!