Thursday, December 20, 2007


I have been working my little fingers to the nubs, but I can't so anything yet. Christmas is coming! It's coming a little faster than I wish it would, but you work with what you've been given. I have a couple of little stitching ditties that are done, a couple of quilty items, and maybe some fun stuff made using my favorite thing, Mod Podge. Photos to come after gifts have been received. I have had a pretty bad head cold, which has slowed my progress and modified some plans, but other than that, I am on target. Happy Holidays and good luck getting your projects done. If you're like me, you'll be working like an elf until the big day.

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Anonymous said...

jlk--it seems that everyone I know is working like crazy for Christmas to be perfect--myself included! It is a busy time of the year no matter how early you start or how well you plan. I am certainly looking forward to the few days after (except that the missionaries are going to spend 9-1with us on December 26, so I will of course have to present them with something yummy to eat...somehow I don't think they'll appreciate stocking candy and juice boxes!