Sunday, August 19, 2007

4 months

We are a mere 4 months away from Christmas. That's not much time. I should have stared my projects months ago, but I didn't. Whoops. My bad. I like to make the presents we give to the kids. They care more about the toys Santa brings than the toys we may give them. I don't mind giving Santa the glory. It gives me chance to do something special and unique for each of the kids.

For Patch, I am knitting him a sweater. I got the yarn while I was in Sun Valley. It will be orange with green stripes.

For Mini-me and Flower, I am going to make them mini-quilts for the baby dolls and pillows for their beds. In my blog cruising, I stumbled upon Thimble Blossoms. When I saw her picture, I thought she looked LDS. Then I scrolled all the way to the bottom of the page, and saw her Primary quilt. Definitely LDS. My idea for pillows is to take one of the squares for each girl and make it into a pillow.

With all the Christmas projects I have to start, how am I going to finish my Halloween and Thanksgiving projects??? Would anyone be interested in a nanny position? Housekeeping maybe?


Anonymous said...

I do wonder what it means to "look LDS" but I guess it is a compliment, right? :-) I think that making them into pillows is a wonderful idea! If you do it, send me pictures! Have a great day!

PS- LOVE the blog! Oh, and I have a new pattern that is actually called "Drama Queen", what are the odds??

jlk said...

Wholesome and happy :) It is definitely a compliment.

I love your patterns. I also love the fabric you use in them. Very cool and modern.