Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sick Patch

I am home from church today with a sick Patch. He has running orifices, but trutch be told, he is on the mend. He's just not well enough to go to church, or anywhere for that matter. Mini-me left for church as cute as can be in a hand-me-down from Flower. I am thrilled to bits that she can start wearing Flower's old clothes. We actually don't have many here, since The Ex has purchased (and is keeping) the majority, but what we do have is great stuff. Most of it is formal wear for the Sabbath day, and most of it Mini-me has worn in a mini-er size. Today she has on a black and cream plaid kilt, cream turtleneck, and cream sweater with snowmen cutouts from Talbots Kids. She is one stylin' little gal. I told her she looked fabulous, and she said "I know." Ah, self esteem. I hope she never loses it!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about Patch; hope he's better soon. I can envision Mini-me in that cute outfit.