Thursday, March 27, 2008

Must See to Believe

I found the McCain Blogette today, which is written by Senator McCain's daughter. It's a fun, young view of the McCain campaign trail. I haven't quite made up my mind about the Senator, in fact I am considering a write-in candidate this year. However, the YouTube clip that is posted on the blogette does nothing to sway my vote. In fact, it does the opposite. You must see it to believe it. The McCain Girls will never be accused of being sexy, that's for sure. Or good singers. But, they have a passion for John McCain that is disturbing. One of them rubs her face with a floating McCain. Seriously. Go now. Watch.

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Anonymous said...

Thought her blog was interesting but seriously that utube is disturbing....Jason and I were busting a gut watching it! I'm not sure what I think of him as a canidate too--so frustrating....
I would really like to see him bring a true conservative under his wing as a vice president-- (yeah right like that is going to happen!!) Happy Day to you!!!