Sunday, March 16, 2008


Tonight, I took a break from our regular Sunday Dinner (mainly because our roasting pan bit the dust and then was used as a paint tray) and make spaghetti pizza. Mini-me came in the kitchen as I was dishing it up and asked what I had made. When I told her, she heaved a huge sigh and said, while rolling her eyes, "You've GOT to be kidding me." Then, at dinner, Curly and I were trying to have a conversation when she started to wave her hands and say, "Guys. Guys. Focus." She then made us watch her take a bite.

Yesterday as I looked around my disaster of a living room, I decided it was time to FLY. Wish me luck as I shine my sink and get dressed to shoes with laces.

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Anonymous said...

Week after week I think I am also going to "Fly" but I can't do it...I can't deal with the big chance that I will probably fail...

I have that site bookmarked in my favorites and I turn to it every once in a while and try to get the courage but I can't!

Good luck!