Saturday, March 22, 2008


I am in charge of the lesson for my 9-year old Sunday School class tomorrow. I wanted to do fun activity, because it's a special day, but know that these kids (2 boys in particular) can get way out of control in a hurry. A couple of years ago, my MIL did a hunt with Resurrection Eggs for the girls. It was very cute, and they learned a lot from the scriptures in each egg. I would love to do this tomorrow, and would really like to send the kids on a hunt through the building, but again, am afraid of the control factor. Any ideas? These kids also love treats, so I am going to do mini-cupcakes, since most of them will be hopped up on sugar already at our 1:00 church hour.


Anonymous said...

Hold out the cupcakes until they're back from the hunt. I'm a big fan of bribery. It's a great activity and worth the risk. Just don't show fear and you'll have the upper hand with the boys.

Life in Maryland said...

You can have them create easter cards for their moms and dads, decorate their cup cakes and do the egg hunt in class.

Anonymous said...

The egg hunt works great and if you give the two extra-active boys special jobs maybe they'll try to behave. This not only works well as a regular egg hunt, but can be effective (and less chance for wildness) if you stay in your small classroom: Have one kid go out while the rest (or one child)decide where to hide the first egg. Then have the first seeker come in to do a "hotter/colder" hunt. Read and discuss the scripture before going on to the next egg. You can draw names to see who goes next for the seeker job, which keeps it exciting for everyone (don't assign all of them at first, or they could antsy waiting for their turns). You can talk about "search the scriptures," "seeking the truth," the "path to righteousness," and so on. Have fun with this wonderful topic. Happy Easter!
Love, Grandma Judy AKA MIL