Monday, May 14, 2007

The Day After

I tried to post yesterday. I really did. I came down to the computer and tried to write about mothers. And Mother's Day. It really didn't come out right. I love being a mom. I love staying at home. When I wrote about it, I sounded like I didn't like it. Huh. I really do. Really. Do. I even like being a stepmom. I am very comfortable with my role. I'm even comfortable with The Ex. We had some good chats on Saturday. She even wished me a Happy Mother's Day. She's never done that before.

In our house, we refer to the holiday as "Freakin' Mother's Day." That's because, in years past, the holiday seemed to implode around us. From floods to forgetting to locking keys in the car, it hasn't been a successful day. Refusing to accept another Freakin' Mother's Day, I took matters into my own hands. I went shopping for a few things I knew I wanted: two books (Nineteen Minutes and the new Elm Creek Quilts book), some fabric for a new quilt and the pattern, and a couple of pink screw drivers found on ebay. Saturday afternoon, I displayed the items on the bed, added some ribbon, scissors, and wrapping paper and opened Mommy's Store. I acted very surprised when I opened the gifts, because Mini-me and Patch didn't know I had bought them for myself. Mini-me was so excited to give me the screwdrivers. Curly even surprised me with a little something. He is going to join me for Jenny. It's so much easier to do it together. Watch out family, we are going to be hot in Sun Valley this summer.

Hope you had a Happy Freakin' Mother's Day. I sure did.


Anonymous said...

I love mothers and I love Mother's Day. I have a fantastic mother, the quintessential grandmothers, and two-great grandmothers who all knew what being a mother was all about. I had a talented mother-in-law who was musically gifted. My daughter and daughters-in-law are all three great mothers to their busy children. Who needs the begonia they pass out at church -- I've got it all.

Drama Queen said...

*yikes* I stumbled here because of the name. how strange!