Saturday, February 10, 2007

Strange Babysitters

We have had some strange experiences with babysitters over the past few years. When Mini-me was a baby, about 7 months old or so, we had hired one of our favorite sitters to watch her. Our sitter forgot, took another job, so we were offered the sister of our favorite. She never struck me as the smartest girl on the block, but I thought we'd give her a chance, as we were desperate. We gave her instructions and left her to do the job. When we got home, she said: "Mini-me pooped on her outfit."
I said "Well, that happens. Did she have a blow out?"
"Did her diaper slip to the side?"
"Did it happen on the changing table?"
"Well, how did it happen?"
"I kind of forgot the diaper."

About a year after that, another babysitter called us in a panic that she couldn't get Mini-me to go to sleep. I don't know why she was up, she had been asleep when we left. But, no matter. The point was that she couldn't get her back to sleep, and the sitter said she was crying. Curly was on the phone and noticed that it was quiet. He pointed that out and asked where Mini-me was. The sitter got quiet and said "Um, I don't know."

On Friday, I had yet another strange experience. I had another new sitter, as our favorite was, of course, busy. I walked in and asked how everything went. She said "Spencer was great." I guess in my instructions she had missed that his name is Patch. Whoops.


Anonymous said...

Great blog about babysitters. I came home one night after leaving #1 Son who was at that time less than year old with a babysitter, went in to check on him, and discovered she had put him to bed with a handful of peanuts!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh. I don't even want to BEGIN remembering our babysitting stories... I'll just enjoy yours! :)
Grandma Judy