Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snowed In

The heavens opened last night and today we have ice. Lots of ice. So much ice, that Gracie doesn't even make prints in the snow. I listened the the sound of ice hitting the window until about 4 am. I also listened the sound of Patch crying in his crib for an hour. I also listened to Curly snoring in the girls room, because the sound of the ice in our room was keeping him up. Then I felt Mini-me kicking me, because the sound of Daddy was keeping her up, so she crawled into bed with me.

The ice won't keep us from our plans, though. We are going out with our friends the Perednis. It's a Valentine's tradition. We are headed to Acacia, which is my favorite restaurant in downtown Frederick. We went there last year and were disappointed that the menu had changed from New American to Asian Fusion. Where was the filet mignon? Kung Pao chicken was hardly a substitute. However, if you look at their menu, you will notice that the filet is back on the menu. This time, it's wrapped in bacon. I love things wrapped in bacon. The Kung Pao chicken is still there as well. I'm kind of hooked on that now. What to do, what to do!

Note to members of my family: I have cards for you. They are on the kitchen table. With Mini-me sick, then the snow, and now the ice, I have not made it to the post office to mail them. And before you say "Why don't you just stick them in the mail box with the flag up?" Good question. Our mail route is a walking route and is delivery only. No pick up. So you see my dilemma. Just know that your Valentine's Day will last a little longer.

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Anonymous said...

jkl--I had a very similar night last night, minus the baby crying for an hour. Everything else was pretty much the same though!

p.s. have fun tonight!