Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Likely Snow Showers

Last night as they were predicting a "slight chance" for snow on the 11:00 news, it was coming down hard. School was already cancelled today due to the Potomac Primary, but ballet was still a go. It's still coming down in large, puffy flakes. We could get 3 inches or so before it turns over to rain. By tomorrow night, all of the lovely snow will be gone and a muddy mess will be left in its place. But for now, we will enjoy the snow.


mlk said...

By snow you mean ice right!! Gotta love the East Coast storms!
So was your back just killing after that over 2 hour meeting! I am still sore. I was so not in the mood to be there. I just wanted to be home in my warm bed. I was glad to hear President Monson speak. I did feel the spirit!

the highlight addict said...

I have to admit, I kind of miss the occasional snow day.