Friday, February 22, 2008

Diet Coke

It's days like today where I wonder if it would be such a bad thing to give my 4 year-old some Diet Coke in the afternoon. Not a whole lot, just enough to perk her up a bit. We were off school today due to the threat of bad weather. It was bad for a bit, but not for long. Mainly, it was disappointing. We expected bad snow and ice and pandemonium, but what we got were some flurries, a mist, and then grey. Patch had his 18 month well-child visit today and was pronounced to be in the 25th percentile for weight. Considering Mini-me was close to the 10th at this point, we think he is quite the chunker. Mini-me wanted an examination as well, and started to produce various "boo-boo's" for the nurse to inspect. When Patch was all ready to go, Mini-me cried: "But wait! I am very sick!" Disappointment reigned again.

We are now home, Curly has a show tonight, and the kids will be in bed early. I plan to curl up with my stitching and watch a movie. And then go to bed early.

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Anonymous said...

Thomas asked me last night as he was stalling (yet again) to go to bed if he could have a sip of my Diet Coke...I told him "no way!" He had the hardest time falling asleep last night...he didn't go down until 11:00. I hope he got into it without me knowing or it was just a fluke because 11:00 with a 5-year old is not my thing!

Way to go Patch!