Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Day Off

Today is a Snow Ice Day. The rain is still coming down and freezing to the inch of ice lining the ground. Mini-me is so disappointed because today was her Valentine part at school. We spent a painstaking 15 minutes writing her name on 12 cards last night. On one, she decided to write "something else," which looked like hieroglyphics. Now our little sweet Valentine girl is singing "You Can't Stop the Beat" from Hairspray, but using it more as a warning to those who would try. She has told GrandPatty, Papa Ken, Grandma, and Grandpa that they can't stop the beat and to shake it.

I hope wherever you happen to be that you are warm and snug and that you don't slip on the ice. I have several errands to do today, so hopefully I won't slip, either.

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the highlight addict said...

We sat down and did the Valentine's Day cards last night, as well. I well remember this being considered fun for me as a kid, and I can't believe that I am now doing it with my own kid. I was hoping to make a Valentine's box at home for him to take to school, but they made them at the school as a project instead! I was so bummed...but not bummed enough to do one here!