Thursday, February 21, 2008

A.I. Elimination

If I had my way, I would keep all the guys and get rid of 4 girls tonight. For the most part, I was disappointed in most of the gals. I had very high hopes for Brooke White, but she was doing some weird thing with her hair that was distracting. I am chalking most of last night up to overconfidence, so hopefully next week they will just sing their little hearts out and do much better.

Last night, Flower and Curly had the Daddy-Daughter Dance at church. Somehow, people have gotten the idea that the O'Kigins are dancers. Nothing could be further from the truth, but that doesn't stop us from being asked to teach the Virginia Reel to teenagers at Youth Conference (why that dance? We grew up in Virginia. Duh). Curly was asked to teach some ballroom to the 8/9 year old girls and their dads. He settled finally on the Cha-cha-cha, which we learned together at a YMCA class a few years ago. In case you were wondering, no, we were not good. Anyway, I digress. He and Flower practiced for a few songs last night before they left, which made Mini-me a little jealous. Curly told her he would dance with her later as I took her and Patch up to get pjs on. Mini-me hurried as fast as she could, insisted on wearing her "Princess Dress" pjs, put them on all by herself, and ran downstairs calling out: "Guys, guys! I'm ready to dance!" It was the saddest moment ever when she realized they had left without her. She cried and cried, and as she brushed her teeth, Mini-me told me she was: "Sick and tired of it." When Curly and Flower returned from their amazingly fun evening, I told them the story and started to cry. I felt so sad for poor Mini-me, who had her heart set on a dance with her Daddy. She's had a better day today, but mainly because she spent several hours with her favorite girl from church, Miss Danielle.


losing my needles said...

If I were Mini-me I'd be sick and tired of it too. It's so hard to be the little sister.

Anonymous said...

You made me cry just by reading this post! Poor Mini-me!