Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Computer Hijacked

My computer was hijacked for the past few days. Luckily, the hijacker turned her tiny back for a few moments and I stole it back. Mini-me loves to play games on the computer. So, if I want several hours of an occupied 4 year-old, I open the Disney home page, select a preschool game, and let her go. She likes to start with some Bunny Town action. She creates her bunny persona (which is purple and wears a tutu, a crown, and funny glasses "just like mommy"), then plays a game. Each game helps her earn carrots, which can then be redeemed in the Carrot Shop for things to put in her bunny house. She has to match letters, count scoops of ice cream, listen to directions, and do other fun learning games. From there, she then goes and plays a game with Mickey Mouse and his friends. Her favorite is the Musical Maze, which takes Pluto through a maze to find different musical instruments. She likes to do this all by herself, and usually while wearing some sort of costume. Patch just clued in today that she was doing something awesome, and got a little jealous. But, he was able to play with the keyboard, compete with microphone, so even he was busy for awhile without hanging on me. My kids are smart. I probably am just saying that because I'm the mommy, but whatever.

We have stayed away from the YMCA for several days now. Patch's nose has been running like a champ and Mini-me has had some attitude problems. She got kicked out of Primary on Sunday because she wouldn't sit still and listen during the lesson and she kept turning the lights on and off. For those who think that might be a bit harsh for a class of 4 and 5 year-olds, the lesson is only about 5 minutes. Any kid that age can sit for 5 minutes. Then, on Monday, she was not quiet during circle time, even though Miss Kelly (whose first name is Kelly and just got married and now has the last name of Kelly) told her she needed to be quiet. She did not get her sticker. I picked up a very sad Mini-me from school. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Hopefully Patch's nose will stop running. Hopefully I can log in some time on a treadmill. Heaven knows I need it.

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the highlight addict said...

I know someone named Karen who married someone with the last name of Karren. So, she is now Karen Karren!

I am going to check that website out, it sounds like something that Thomas might enjoy especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays when he doesn't have school...he gets bored especially if I have too many "Mom things" to do, like I do right now!