Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Weight Loss Wednesday

I am down another 2 pounds, which makes a total of 10. I am sure my counselor would be proud of me, but she is still south of the border. I am sure she's having a marvelous time. I spent about 2 hours at the gym today and feel completely wiped out. I love the Rep-Reebok class, but I am so sore. I find myself stretching my arms and back throughout the day. Already I feel a little more toned, which is awesome. When the time comes to take our Christmas card photo, I hope to be a size smaller and a lot leaner. Wish me luck.

My next post will be my 300th. I will be having a fabulous give-away, so tell all your friends. You won't want to miss it! (I know, I know. It will never live up to the hype. Oh well.)

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