Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Weight Loss Wednesday

Today I did something I haven't done before: I turned my computer off. I went to the gym, came home and checked email, and then turned the laptop off. It was nice not to be compulsive about email and blogs all day. Instead, I was compulsive about quilting, but that's a story for another day.

It was not a stellar week with losing weight, but that's okay. I know what I did wrong (ate too much) and know how to correct it (eat less). My counselor is livin' la vida loca in South America this week. Maybe she'll bring me back a Brazilian string bikini as motivation. (Just kidding, Mom. Please do not get me a Brazilian string bikini.)

I had a disappointing first half of my workout today. The teacher was not very motivating. First of all, she was my size. I don't want an instructor who is my size. I want an instructor who is a toothpick and has more energy than my 3 year old. She also wasn't very good at calling the steps, and I got confused. I don't like being confused in front of other aerobickers. Before anyone rushes to her aide and says "Maybe she was new." No, she was not new. I remember her as an instructor before I got pregnant with Patch. The second part of my workout was fabulous. I did a Rep-Reebok class after the aerobics class. It's a toning class, where reps are counted with the beat of the music. I can really feel my triceps right now as I type. Tomorrow will not be pretty. When I went to pick up Patch from the playroom, he was laying on the mat, just looking up. One of the workers told me that sometimes he just takes a break like that. I thought it was funny and wished I had had my camera.

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the highlight addict said...

Putting the computer away for the day is a really good idea. I get sucked in by it many times a day as well. Sometimes I use the excuse that "it's my only way to stay connected to loved ones back at home and remain sane" but I know I can't always use that excuse.

Our internet connection was down most of Tuesday and I felt like I got a lot more done than today!