Monday, October 08, 2007

One Week Into October...

Halloween is fast approaching. Do you have your costume yet? I just got an email saying that Patch's costume is on its way. He's going to be a spider. So spooky. We are planning a party for our family who live close. I'm trying to think of clever names for everyday kid-friendly food. I know about making hot dogs into octopuses, but I want to go beyond that. Any suggestions?

Curly is going to be home tonight, which I think is so great. We are trying to be better with our Family Home Evening. I don't know who will give the lesson, maybe Mini-me. She's a very good story teller.


Camille said...

We are definitely ready for halloween!

I am like you- dining room table all the way, and you should SEE my kitchen when I'm sewing!! The pin thing is definitely an issue here as well!

G'ma and G'pa said...

A few ideas for kid-friendly food for Halloween: spaghetti (worms), purple grapes (eyeballs), bread sticks (bones), spinach (seaweed), red spaghetti sauce (clotted blood... duh...), ants on a log (in case you never had them, it's celery with PB or cream cheese and raisins), broccoli (obviously trees...), cauliflower (brains), tie a roll in a white paper napkin (like a ghost, you can even draw in the eyes) and put it next to the plate, strawberry short cake (blood and guts) for dessert. Hey, we just found a Web site that might help:,1972,FOOD_9836_4128395,00.htm

Lookin' forward to Halloween!
G'ma and G'pa