Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I Heart Martha

Oh, Martha. How I love thee. Let me count the ways.

1. I love the impossible desserts and time consuming dinners that you demonstrate on your show. No one I know cooks like that, but it's fun to pretend that someday, I could serve up Moroccan Lamb Tagine followed by a delicious Pear Charlotte to my family and not have them all cry.

2. I love the crafts that in order to complete, you must by the supplies from your line at Michael's. You are an expert at everything. You try to get all your guests to make stuff, even Chris Matthews had to make his own button.

3. I love that you are an expert on all things home-keeping, when we all know you're a career girl at heart.

4. I love the image of you pruning your own gardens and tending your own flock of chickens. I just don't think it happens, but you want me to think it does.

Oh, Martha. What would I do without the impossible standard of perfection you give us all? Without you, I wouldn't want to replace my dowdy old ceiling fan with a wonderful chandelier made from mini pumpkins and cranberries. Without you, I wouldn't want to make my own "Vote 2008" tee-shirt. Without you, I wouldn't want to make unique gifts out of stamps and office supplies. Without you, I never would have attempted to make my own marshmallows (but I wholeheartedly agree that store bought ones taste like cardboard).

Thank you, Martha. I really do love you.

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Patricia said...

How clever you are. I'm going to tune in for Martha Stewart's Today show wedding in just two days so that I can see all of the things I could have done better.