Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Best Step-Mom. EVER.

Sorry to all you other smoms out there, I am the best one. Ever. For some of you, that news might be hard to accept. Get over it. Here's what I did to earn that distinction:

1. I made pizza. From scratch. And cookie suckers (oreos covered in chocolate on a stick).
2. I made Flower take a bath, but I let her choose the temperature and made it very short.
3. I made funny faces and gave them "relaxing" face massages while we flossed.
4. I tickled the girls.
5. I read not 1, but 2 stories tonight.

You see, I truly am the best. Ever.

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1 comment:

the highlight addict said...

Well, of course you are! Never any doubt in my mind!