Thursday, October 25, 2007

And the Winner Is....

The Highlight Addict was the first to comment, so she is the first winner. Hooray!

The second winner is DanceNPlay. I will not ship to you, because you live a block away. I'll give them to you at the Trunk or Treat on Saturday (now you have to go!).

Thanks to all those who left comments, either on the blog or by email. I know sometimes it's hard to leave comments, because you can get caught in a security loop asking if you want to display insecure information, so I applaud those who broke through.

Tonight I have been working on place mats. I had several people ask if The Molly Patch did quilted place mats. Indeed, we do. I'll have photos soon.

Also, to clarify -- I am the "Best Step-mom. Ever." because Flower said so as I put her to bed last night. It's not a title I have given myself, although I would gladly do that. I have never been afraid of tooting my own horn, if you get what I mean.


DanceNplay said...

Holy crapoli!!! YAY!!! I won!!! What time is the trunk or treat?? Dang, there's so much going on this weekend!! Oh gosh, WE HAVE to go now!!
I think a date swap sounds like a great idea! Ya know, we live a block away!! I don't know why we see more of eachother!
BTW~ you are the best stepmom. I surrender. I almost forgot to mention mine when I first started my blog!! I know, I'm horrible!!

jlk said...

It's at 4.

You're a good smom, too. It's just hard to be one, period.