Tuesday, October 23, 2007


This morning at the gym, I was next to one of "those people" on the elliptical machines. He was someone who obviously does not watch sports, but prefers Sports Center. Every clip he watched was met with an "Oh, no!" Or, "Oh, man!" He was not as vocal as a guy I watched a few years ago, who actually yelled at the refs and kept saying "Did you see that?" to people. It took all I had not to shout back "Yes! I saw it! LAST NIGHT!!!" The guy today was also a sweater. I have observed him before, and would not have chosen to be next to him, but he came up when I was halfway through my time.

There are bullies at the gym. If you are on a machine a bully wants, they stand uncomfortably close until you finish. In the locker room, the bullies are old ladies who walk around naked. They make sure they tell you when your towel is on the wrong hook. They hog the benches. They hang with their gangs in the sauna room. They get what they want because, frankly, talking with a naked old woman is less than pleasant.


DanceNplay said...

OMGosh. So funny!! I think just the old women walking around naked is bullying! Who wants to see that?! I miss the days at the gym. LOL. I was always the one who wanted to show the women up because I was so 'tuff'. Those were the days! Now, I just get my exercise through plies and sautes! HAHAHA.

Life in Maryland said...

Ha! My mother has the same issue in NY - she's still to young to be in one of these "fitness center gangs".