Friday, October 05, 2007

Scary Moment

Last night, we had our Towne Singers rehearsal here at our house. Mini-me was already asleep, and Patch was ready for bed, just not in it yet. He was following the cat around and followed her into the kitchen. We could hear him touching stuff, and all of a sudden it was quiet. I went in and realized he was gone. I had a slight moment of panic, thinking maybe he fell down the basement stairs. But as the basement stairs are wooden and noisy and we heard no sound, I figured that wasn't it. I looked down the stairs, and there was Patch, about 5 steps down, carefully navigating his way down. I had been working with him on down earlier in the day. The kid is a fast learner.


Emily said...

Very scary moment, indeed. Glad he is OK.

Grandma Judy said...

Of course he's a fast learner--he has a good teacher!
Love, G'ma (Thank goodness I wasn't there, or I'd have panicked for sure. Congratulations on keeping your cool!)